Order For Pick-Up Coming Soon

Have you ever been in a hurry and hungry at the same time? And you didn't have time to wait in the long lines during rush hour at a restaurant. Of course, you thought you'd call ahead of time and order directly with the restaurant, yet you were put on hold by the restaurant's employee for about 5 minutes.. yeah, they probably forgot about you.

Well soon you'll be able to order online with ease. No more waiting in lines. No more getting put on hold. Nope. None of that.
You will be able to go to RestaurantConnectionSB.com and order for pick-up ahead of time with ease!
Browse your favorite restaurant's menu, add items to your cart, submit your order and walk in-and-out of the restaurant without waiting!
With over 70 restaurants to choose from, the options are limitless.

This great feature will be available with Restaurant Connection within the next 4-6 weeks so stay tuned!

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