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Goa Taco Now Available For Delivery

Goa Taco, a new restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara, is now available for delivery with Restaurant Connection.

Goa Taco australian slang for "go (for) a taco" and to honor the birth country of the paratha What is a Paratha Taco? the buttery, flakey lovechild of the tortilla and croissant filled with all delicious things from everywhere.

StoryDuvaldi Marneweck, a South African native, has fostered a love affair with creating and enjoying innovative, good quality food for as long as he can remember. Following high school, he ventured to London where he started cooking professionally and somehow ended up in Michelin-Starred restaurants. From there, he moved to Australia where he enrolled in a nationally-acclaimed Culinary Arts program and completed his formal Chef's training. For the next 10 years, he led brigades of chefs in some of the country's top rated restaurants.

Finally, after working for others for so many years, he was eager to go out on his own so he relocated …

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