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Looking for the Best BBQ in Santa Barbara?

  The Best BBQ story finds its roots in the quaint town of Santa Paula, where a dream of culinary excellence began to take shape. Their mission was straightforward — to serve delectable exceptional service, in a setting so welcoming that patrons would feel more like family than customers. In this hub of homestyle cooking, every single item on the menu is a labor of love, meticulously prepared from scratch to showcase the team's unwavering dedication to their craft. Yet, the narrative of Best BBQ took a turn as they ventured into Santa Barbara. The new chapter brought a change of scenery, but the soulful essence of Best BBQ—as robust as their famed smokers—remained unaltered. Stepping into either location, one is greeted by dishes that marry slow-cooked perfection with handcrafted sides, each plated with the utmost precision and care. The driving force behind this venture, the owner and chef, holds a strong belief that splendid food is a channel for the community, crafting welcoming

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