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Mundos Santa Barbara Now Available For Delivery

Mundos delivery now available in Santa Barbara.

Mundos is located in the original McConnell’s Ice Cream Dairy building with the giant cow on the roof, at the corner of Canon Perdido St and Milpas St. 

They offer custom Ranchero meats that are 100% percent grass fed HMO-GMO free. They also cater to alternative culinary preferences: vegan, vegetarian, restricted/special diets and children; they will be accommodated with the same attention and detail as every other menu items. Chef Jean Paul Luvanvi & Chef Pepe Pedraza have combined their heritage to create a modern twist in old culture cuisine. Chef Jean Paul will combine old world style, open-flame cooking with the finest local, individually sourced farm-to-table ingredients. 

They have gathered culinary heritages from South America and created a unique fusion of eclectic global food. They’re passionate about using the authentic preparation and cooking methods of the ancient South American cultures, and they blend this with Pan-Asian…

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