Struggling to pick a Lenten bite? Try these Seafood Food Partners.


Set your sights on a Lenten delight! Our food partners are casting a net full of seafood marvels that'll have your taste buds swimming in joy. Get ready to indulge in guilt-free oceanic opulence.

Check out the following food partners and ORDER NOW!

1. Flor De Maiz

Savor the Lenten season with a twist! Ceviche de Pulpo con Coco of Flor de Maiz combines succulent octopus, rich coconut cream, and zesty pineapple for a divine, tropical indulgence.

2. Kanaloa

Let the zesty Yuzu Salmon Poke Bowl of Kanaloa Kitchen delight you. Each forkful is a festival of flavors: miso-marinated magnificence, aioli allure, and edamame euphoria, all tangling with the zesty zeal of yuzu. Crowning this creation is the avocado - the creamy monarch of poke paradise. 

3. Oku

Embrace the tide of Lenten luxury with Oku's catch of the day! Just when you thought fasting meant less flavor, their  Sashimi Platter comes swimming into view. Hand-selected with finesse for the freshest of feasts. Indulge in the buttery ballet of Toro, the tentacle twirl of Tako, the poise of Sake, the regal swim of Blue Fin, and the sunset serenade of Yellow Tail. One bite and you’ll be hooked on the freshest flavors!

4. Jane's Restaurant Santa Barbara 

It's clam-tastic Lenten season at Jane's! 🍝🌱 Get ready to dive fork-first into our Linguine & Clams, where the ocean meets your plate in a symphony of flavors. Italian parsley pirouettes with oregano, while crushed chilie flakes sizzle with a garlicky kiss. Each strand of pasta luxuriates in a white wine and lemon butter sauce that’ll have you speaking in fluent mmm's.

5. Joe's Cafe

Featuring Joe's Cafe wild-caught Pacific salmon. Served on a bed of almond-infused rice with a dill butter sauce so divine, it could part seas. Accompanied by a garden's worth of veggies that'll make you say, 'Peas be with you.' Make your Lenten dining not just sacred, but scrumptious. 


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