De La Vina Liquor Alcohol Delivery

Order alcohol delivery in Santa Barbara from De La Vina Liquor.
Choose from a wide selection of beer, tequila, vodka, whiskey, cognac, rum, gin, brandy, and more!

De La Vina Liquor in Santa Barbara, CA is known to have a great selection of beers.
Local Santa Barbara beers are available like the Figueroa Mountain Lizard's Mouth IPA, Figueroa Mountain Hoppy Poppy IPA, and the Figueroa Mountain Brown Ale.
Other classic beers like Modelo Especial, Corona, Red Stripe, Budweiser, Coors Light, Sierra Nevada are also available.
Beer delivery has never been easier!

Wine delivery is also an option with a great selection of local Santa Barbara wineries.
Choose from the extensive wine list from Santa Barbara Winery, Lafond Winery, Babcock Winery, Carr Winery, Area 5.1 Winery, Kalyra Winery, and Jalama Canyon Ranch Winery.

So next time you're hanging out with family and friends and someone asks "who delivers alcohol in Santa Barbara" you can say, Restaurant Connection!


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