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Los Arroyos in Montecito!

Los Arroyos serves fresh, homemade Mexican food crafted each day from the finest ingredients. Tony’s original recipes offer a variety of dishes from traditional fare such as Sopes, Tamales, and Pozole to modern cuisine including the Mama’s Salad with grilled vegetables, Ceviche with fresh fish, and the Garden Burrito.

The Montecito menu differs in some ways from the Downtown location.
For example, the specials in Montecito consist of these delicious items:

Langostino QuesadillaTwo large flour totillas filled with Langostino lobster, three types of cheese, caramelized onions, avocado, chipotle sour cream and guacamole. (pictured below)

Juanitos's High Protein Extra Lean Burrito:  Filet mignon, whole brown beans, cheese, salsa fresca and avocado wrapped in a flour tortilla and toasted on the grill. Garnished with a small tropical salad with passion fruit dressing.

Chicken AnaheimGrilled chicken with roasted Anaheim chiles, onions, cilantro, tomatoes in cream sauce, served with rice and corn tortillas.

California SaladChopped Romaine, roasted corn, whole black beans, carrots, cherry tomatoes, jicama, red onions, mango, avocado with cilantro caesar dressing.

Camarones al AjilloSauteed shrimp and ajillo sauce with roasted pasilla chile with cheese over Mexican rice.

Herbie's RibsFull rack of baby back pork ribs in spicy BBQ sauce, with guacamole, corn tortillas and green rice or Caesar salad.

MolcajeteArroyo Molcajete-chicken or steak, served with roasted salsa, grilled chorizo, grilled nopales, Mexican onions, quesa panela, choice of flour or corn tortillas on the side. (pictured below)

Swordfish KabobGrilled swordfish skewers with roasted onions, bell peppers, with tamarindo sauce and julienne petite crispy potatoes and green rice. (pictured below)

Asado a la NortenaGrilled rib-eye, frijoles charros, Anaheim chile stuffed with queso fresco, avocado and homemade chimichurri sauce. (pictured below)


Asado a la Nortena
Swordfish Kabob

Langostino Quesadilla

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