Himalayan Kitchen Catering

The Himalayan Kitchen brings the authentic flavors of the top-of-the-world region of Tibet, Nepal, and India. They serve traditional Tibetan dishes like Mo-mo (dumplings) and Thukpa, Nepali dishes Dhaal-Bhaat-Tarkaari (lentil, rice, and curry) and Sekuwa (tandoor-oven roasted vegetable and meat dishes) and Indian dishes in various flavors. They also feature a large variety of vegetarian dishes.

You can now get their catering menu delivered to you for your next luncheon, meeting or event. Their catering  a la Carte menu includes, but not limited to, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Biryani, Garlic Naan, Vegetable Samosa, Mo-Mo, and much more. 

Check out the full catering menu at www.restaurantconnectionsb.com


  1. All India Cafe is closed. Now the same location is called Himalayan Kitchen. WOW !!! In my opinion, this restaurant is WAY better than the old place. We've been there twice and are consistently impressed that Himalayan Kitchen has delicious healthy food, clear menu options for various dietary preferences (with many excellent vegan and gluten-free options, or a selection of Yak dishes if you'd prefer!), and a peaceful, pure uplifting feeling pervades the place. The prices are less than what I would have expected for such excellent food. We have a friend who is a somewhat famous chef in L.A., and he told us about this place, saying "A great chef runs this place." You know if a chef is recommending a restaurant, to pay attention :-)

    1. @Kstar, we agree! This place is very delicious! We have done many home food deliveries from Himalayan Kitchen and our customers are always happy with it :)


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